Fragrance has the power to bring old memories back to life and helps us form new associations. It also has the ability to bring feelings of joy, comfort and safety into your home. Sorcha Candle Co. was created with this in mind.

Sorcha Candle Co. signature scents have been curated from key memories which were fundamental when drawing upon positives, during my ongoing recovery back to health from chronic illness. It was during this recovery that I knew I wanted to create a brand where I could be my own boss and put my health and well being first. Creating a positive and safe environment was vital in getting me back to full health and I’m confident that each of these fragrances will bring this feeling into your home too.

Each luxury candle is lovingly hand poured using a natural rapeseed and coconut wax blend. After trying out many different candle waxes, this wax really complemented the wooden wicks. It produces a lovely scent throw, even when your candle isn’t lit.

When I started out on my candle making journey, I became aware that many fragrances come with health warnings, it was crucial to me to make sure that each candle in my range is safe to burn in your home. Every carefully curated fragrance blend has been rigorously researched and tested. I naively thought candle making would be easy, however with each new blend of ingredients, the testing process began again. But it is all so worth it when you get a beautifully burning candle as the end result.

The crackling wooden wick, not only makes a beautiful sound when burning, but they have been sourced from FCS certified mills and our supplier has partnered with Trees for the Future, meaning a tree is planted with every order Sorcha Candle Co. makes.

From my home to yours, I hope these candles can bring you the same joy that they have brought me.