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Rest and be Thankful

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‘The Rest and be Thankful’, famously known in Scotland, is quite literally named as a place where travellers stop, rest and be thankful that they had reached the top of their steep climb.

I set up Sorcha Candle Co. after a long, life changing journey with my own health. Learning to be thankful for everything I have and what I can do, was fundamental to my recovery.

This candle is a deep opulent scent, and prompts feelings of a cosy, restful and comforting place. With notes of cassis and plum surrounded by rose and sweet patchouli. Now you can enjoy this feeling too.


Rest & be Thankful Contains: Coumarin, Ethyl methylphenylglycidate, Linalool, Linalyl acetate, d-Limonene.

Customer Reviews

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Unique scent and design

I love my Rest and be thankful candle. It burns so evenly and the dancing flame that the long wick produces is so pretty.
The scent is divine, not overpowering but subtle and heavenly. The design is simple and beautiful.

Lorraine Johnstone
Rest and Be Thankful

This candle smells amazing. I’m quite fussy about the smells I burn but I absolutely love this.
The wooden wick is such a great idea and I really like that.
I’ve been burning the candle quite a bit and the fragrance is just as strong as it was at the start.
Remember to burn right to edge each time to avoid it burning in the middle only.
I’d definitely recommend this fragrance and Sorcha candles in general.